Boston Bachelor Party

2019 is here, planning a bachelor party?

Planning your Boston bachelor party in 2019

Time flies, it’s 2019, almost 2020. Are you kidding me? Are you planning a wedding? That means you need to plan a bachelor party. I’ve been booking strippers since 1992. If your Boston bachelor party includes strippers, call me 800-446-8847 my name is Meni Troupakis. I am the only person who answers the phone here. I’m not some anonymous person taking your call. I don’t use fake names either, there seems to be a lot of “Anthony’s” and “PJs” in this biz. Why hide your identity?
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When planning a bachelor party, there are several routes you could go. A destination bachelor party, like Las Vegas, or Miami. I strip club adventure bachelor party, although the strip clubs in Massachusetts kind of suck. Dinner and gambling at one of the casinos. A bachelor party at a ski area airbnb. You can add our strippers to these parties to make them memorable.
We just did a bachelor party last night, guys from Boston were in Killington. I booked Paris and Ryan.
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We have a deep roster of great looking girls. That party got one new dancer I just started working with, and another who has done maybe 6 parties. Mila and Mona were at another party, that party went so good, the girls were there 4 hours. We did a small bachelor party last night, only 3 guys. Audrey and Laila stayed 3 hours, did great. My strippers put on a fun, entertaining show, they stay as long as they are making money. Some agencies tell you on the phone, 90 minute show. I tell customers, that duration is up to you. You can’t guarantee 90 minutes, because what if that customer doesn’t tip. My smokeshows do great at my parties, that’s one reason they work for me. If you have a bachelor party, bring money. Have fun. Chances are this is the only bachelor party your friend will have.

I’ve been booking strippers since 1992. We feature the actual girls who appear on our site. They are the girls who show up at your Boston Bachelor party.
Have a safe Saturday, the storm is coming. Let’s go Pats.