Boston Bachelor Party

Boston Bachelor Party Review

Bachelor party in Copley Square

Booked a Boston bachelor party for June 1. The night the Boston Bruins won 7-2, game 3 of the Stanley Cup finals. It was a great evening. The dancers were Audrey and Scarlett, the customer gave a great review
Boston bachelor party

Here’s a quick video of Audrey

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I’ve been booking strippers since 1992. We cover all of New England. Too many bachelor party ideas in Boston include the wrong Boston stripper agency. Stop the sham. Book actual hot strippers who are fun for your Boston bachelor party.
Who’s better than VIP?
Mila & Nicole, Boston strippers
That’s Mila and Nicole, they went to upstate NY on Saturday. Audrey and Scarlett get a great review, all our dancers get awesome reviews.
Here’s a review from Ahtol, NY from Saturday bachelor party
bachelor party review
So 2 reviews from the past weekend. Posted for your eyes. While the other agencies have stale old sites that never get updated.