Boston Bachelor Party

A “dad-chelor” party?

But a sequel to the bachelor party whose star is an expectant father? A “dad-chelor” party?

I’m reading an article from the Las Vegas Sun. Here’s a snippet from the article
Then there is the classic, Las Vegas, where Abhas Gupta, 36, founder and chief executive of a health care company, celebrated his impending fatherhood a year and a half ago at the Cosmopolitan hotel and casino, with bottles of iced vodka fueling a night under the neon lights of Marquee, a brunch at Lavo (the Italian restaurant at in the Venetian) and a trip down the Strip in a party bus with 30 newfound female friends.

“We just got bottles of Champagne, magnums of vodka, people were ordering steaks, we had oysters everywhere,” Gupta said.

He found out about the concept from his buddy, J.C. Simbana, who went on his own daddymoon in Las Vegas before the birth of his son.

“Obviously baby showers are something that are in place and have been done for a while,” Simbana, 41, said. “I was looking for a way to celebrate with my friends, this transition in my life.”

Simbana’s trip consisted of five fellows playing poker. Gupta, who had three bachelor parties before his 2009 wedding, one-upped him. At Marquee, the DJ put “Abha’s Babymoon” on the big screen behind his booth. Someone brought along a baby doll for the occasion, and the crew carried it with them everywhere, snapping photos of the onesie-clad toy on top of a bottle of Grey Goose vodka.

“It was partly inspired by ‘The Hangover,’” Gupta said.

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