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Groom-To-Be Paralyzed In Bachelor Party Accident

The set up a GoFundMe Page

Less than three months before Meg Alexander and Brett Greenhill’s wedding, the Atlanta couple’s family and friends are asking for help through GoFundMe after a horrific accident left the groom-to-be paralyzed.

The pair were in Naples, Florida, on Dec. 3 celebrating a joint bachelor/bachelorette party when members of the bridal party spotted Greenhill floating in the water.

Though they found him conscious, he was unable to move, according to a post on GoFundMe.

“It went from an incredible weekend to devastating,” Kelsi Rice, a nurse and one of Alexander’s best friends, told People Magazine

Greenhill, 39 was airlifted to Lee Memorial Hospital in Fort Myers, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported. According to a GoFundMe page dedicated to his rehabilitation, surgeons removed fragments of his shattered vertebrae that got stuck in his spinal cord.

As of Wednesday morning, donations had surpassed $110,000 on the page. Greenhill has been accepted to Shepherd Center in the couple’s hometown of Atlanta for spinal cord treatment, per GoFundMe.

It is believed that Greenhill dove into a sandbar. Alexander said doctors have given Greenhill a 1 percent chance at regaining mobility. “If anybody’s going to be that one percent, it’s going to be Brett,” friend Jaime Reints told 11 Alive.

February’s wedding has been postponed but, Alexander told 11 Alive, “We are going to get married someday, and it’s going to be amazing. … Plans changed a little but we’ll get there someday.”

Anyone who has met Brett Greenhill(39), if only for a moment, will tell you how selfless, generous, and genuinely caring he is to everyone he encounters.
On the evening of December 3rd 2016, Brett and his fiancé, Meg Alexander, were celebrating their love for each other with their close family and friends on the beaches of Naples, Florida. What was supposed to be a day of joy, quickly turned into a tragic nightmare. Can you imagine you are having one of the best weekends of your life, and suddenly an unimaginable accident comes from an innocent swim in the gulf?  What happenned is a mystery, but the results were instant.

Help the couple out by donating to their GoFundMe account