Boston Bachelor Party

Job listings for bachelor party dancers, find way onto state website

Bachelor party dancers from VIP Strippers... Riley and Taylor

Bachelor party dancers from VIP Strippers… Riley and Taylor

HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania — Pennsylvania job-seekers now have slightly fewer options on a state employment website. The state has pulled listings for bachelor party dancers, “car dates” and other jobs that might not be good resume material.

The site,, was scrubbed of objectionable listings after they became fodder in a political skirmish Wednesday.

Republican Gov. Tom Corbett touted the value of the website during a debate with his Democratic challenger, Tom Wolf.

Not long after, Wolf allies called attention to some of the job site’s questionable content — including ads for female hostesses to help entertain VIPs.

State officials say a firm working for the state uses certain search terms to filter out objectionable postings. But they say the terms needed to keep out unwanted content can be a moving target.