Boston Bachelor Party

Want to be “Freelance Expert Bachelor Party Journalists” ?


Thrillist Media Group (TMG) is obsessed with helping guys live fun lives and reaches over 9 million of them across the globe, every single day. Seamlessly blending content and commerce, TMG digs deep to inform guys how to best spend their time and money across the lifestyle categories they care about most. The TMG family consists of three brands: food, drink and travel property Thrillist; tech-meets-lifestyle site Supercompressor; and style and grooming destination JackThreads.
Thrillist is looking for Freelance Expert Bachelor Party Journalists in 12 cities to help guide and grow our expanding and all-encompassing suite of high-quality bachelor party reportage. We’re looking for a supremely experienced deacon of the Bachelor Party Fourth Estate to craft articles aiding in the noble cause of helping lesser, more foolish bachelor partiers to throw bachelor parties that no one will ever forget, except most parts of said parties, because they are such good parties.

This is NOT an entry-level Bachelor Party Journalist position.


Pen remarkably comprehensive and knowledgeable bachelor party coverage
Have lived in the city that the bachelor party guide is targeted at for long enough to have made impressively terrible decisions there
Maybe getting arrested (optional)
Wearing tuxedo t-shirts in a casual and offhanded fashion
Required Skills/Experience

Attended a minimum of five bachelor parties and rocked them all indubitably hard
Best Man experience preferred
Comfortable with taking direction/shots
Ability to find transportation that lets you drink heavily while on it
Stripper whispering skills preferred
Does not require sleep for extended periods of time
Microsoft Office

Jersey Shore
Las Vegas
Atlantic City
Lake Tahoe

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